Beautiful Linen Rentals for all Occasions Beautiful Linen Rentals for all Occasions Black satin chair covers with black organza sashes at the Penthouse in the Fairmont Palliser Hotel. 17166586 Ivory damask chair covers at the Penthouse in the Fairmont Palliser Hotel. 17166564 Black satin chair covers with burgundy crinkle sashes and burgundy crinkle square tablecloths at the Sheraton Four Points. 17166565 Ivory damask chair covers with sage organza sashes at Heritage Pointe Golf Course. 17166587 Brown envelope chair covers with ivory embroidered overlay on a chocolate brown 120" round at the Banff Springs Hotel. 17166588 Ivory damask chair covers with ivory organza sashes at Lynx Ridge Golf Course. 17166566 Gold damask chair covers at Gleneagles Golf Course. 17166568 White damask chair covers and turquoise crinkle 132" rounds. 17166567 White spandex chair covers and red organza sashes at Gleneagles Golf Course. 17166589 Black damask chair covers with a white organza sash and the black and white damask square tablecloth at the Chamber of Commerce. 17166590 Ivory satin chair covers with a gold organza sash and gold opulence damask square tablecloth at the Winter Club. 79897735 Black with pops of colour at the Strathmore Civic Centre 186624476 Pretty plum at the Wedding Pavillion. 186624477 Royal Blue satin sashes on damask chair covers at Gleneagles Golf Course. 186624478 Gotta love eggplant! 186624479 Eggplant satin sashes on damask chair covers at Gleneagles. 186624480 First wedding ever at Blue Devil Golf Course. Great Gatsby theme using damask chair covers, embroidered ivory sashes with diamond brooches, ivory damask rounds with an ivory damask overlay. 186624481 More of the Gatsby theme at Blue Devil. 186624482 Detail of the ivory embroidered sash with a diamond circle brooch on the damask chair covers at Blue Devil. 186624483 Champagne pintuck rounds with white fitted chair covers and champagne embroidered organza at the Cochrane Ranchehouse. 186624484 Close up of the champagne pintuck round full length tablecloths. 186624485 Tiffany blue satin sashes in Chiavari chairs at the Wedding Pavillion. 186624486 Embroidered pale green organza sashes at the Wedding Pavillion. 186624487 Gold embroidered overlay with satin border. 186624488 Damask chair covers with embroidered gold sashes and matching gold embroidered overlay with gold satin trim at Gleneagles. 186624489 Gold organza overlays, white envelope chair covers and gold organza sashes at the Safari Lodge at the Zoo. 186624490 Gold organza and white chair covers at the Safari Lodge at the Zoo. 186624491 Antique violet organza sashes with diamond brooches on the white envelope chair covers at Dinner On The Set fundraiser for Calgary Opera. 186624492 Antique violet pintuck round tablecloths with white envelope chair covers and antique violet organza sashes for the Dinner On The Set fundraisers. 186624493 View from the Dinner On The Set fundraiser at the Jubilee Auditorium. 186624494 Create a simple runner using sashes. In this case, a white embroidered sash centred between two navy organza sashes. 197469693 197469694 Aerial view of our booth at Bridal Fantasy 2016. 197469695 Perfect colour coordination Working with the decor in the room makes this wedding look flawless. Ivory pintuck full length tablecloths with gold rosette table runners are highlighted by damask chair covers and gold organza sashes at Gleneagles Golf course. 197469696 197469697 White striped chair cover with built in sash. 197469698 Brown or black cow print. 85" square. 197469699 Red bandana print 85" square. Also available in blue. 197469700 White damask 132" round with silver embroidered overlay. 197469701 Silver embroidered overlay with satin trim over the damask 132" round. 197469702 Damask chair covers with black organza sashes. 197469703 White banquet chair cover with navy organza sashes at the Edgemont Community Centre. 197469704 Dramatic wedding centrepiece A gorgeous focal point is created by submerging Gladioli in a cylindrical vase with a floating candle and silver glitter votives providing soft romantic lighting. Crystals beads and a mirror base reflect the candelight, while the eggplant sequin runner adds more sparkle at Gleneagles Golf Course. This centrepiece including mirror, flowers, vase, votives and set up costs $25.00 each. 197469705 Silver beaded charger plates eggplant napkin A touch of class at Gleneagles Golf Course 197469706 197469707 Victorian tranquility with damask chair covers and light blue organza sashes used on the chairs and as a simple table runner. 197469708 Wedding Arch Spectacular day for a wedding at Gleneagles Golf Course. A beautiful fall day perfectly framed by the rustic wedding arch simply swagged with organza and ivy. 197469709 Simple yet elegant centrepieces White tulips make a cheerful and simple centrepiece with silver glitter votive candleholders, white sequin runner, silver charger plates and white damask napkins. 197469710 Tri fold screen that holds 36 votive candles. Rents for $35.00 without candles, or $45.00 with rented battery operated candles. 197469711 Turquoise crinkle 132" tablecloths at the 2014 Bridal Fair. Trifold screen and wedding arch in the background. 197469712 197469713 The best weddings are at Blue Devil!! Gold pintuck 132" round with Damask chair covers and gold embroidered sashes. 203969311 The trifold screen is the perfect backdrop for your signing table. Complemented by a champagne rosette 120" round tablecloth. 203969312 Stunning head table using white damask rectangular tablecloths and champagne rosette runner and champagne embroidered sashes. 203969313 Rustic hurricane vase that can be used for florals or candles. Stands approximately 40" high. Rents for $25.00 each (two in stock). 203969314 White spandex chair covers with Royal Blue satin sashes that are also used as table runners. 203969315 Looking sideways you can see our lovely apple green 85" overlay. 203969316 Gorgeous ivory leaf embossed sheer with ivory satin trim. 85" square. Rents for $12.00 each. 203969318 Ivory lace with saint ribbon trim. 85" square and rents for $12.00 each. Classics never go out of style! 203969319